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Key points for production of Capsicum in arched shed

Key points for production of Capsicum in arched shed

1. Preparation before planting

1, selection of varieties: summing up the experience of planting arch shed in 2008, in 2009, Longde County selected the No.1 henna pepper as a variety of Capsicum.

2. Seedling raising: seedling raising to guarantee the quality of seedling.

3, The whole land, fertilization: use the micro tillage machine to turn the ploughing shed (room). Fertilization can be broadcast or the base of ridge furrow, fertilizer can be applied into per mu compost Manure Fertilization in Longde County 5000kg, in accordance with the recommendations of pepper card acres of urea 10-15kg, diammonium phosphate 30kg, potassium sulfate 10kg, do fine soil, fertilizer evenly and ridging.

4, Ridging, film: 60cm according to the ridge breadth, width 40cm, ridge height 25cm ridge, then use the 80cm wide plastic film mulching.

5, Cover film: determine 10 days before planting coverage prompted the temperature rise of film. When the 10cm temperature more than 15 DEG C, the temperature stability can be started by planting 5 C.

12. 19. 2017