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Humic acid

Pro.Name:Humic acid

Appearance:Powder / Granule

Packing:20kg plastic woven bags

Specification:(See table below)


Humic Acid is a pure organic conditioner in granular form made from active and high quality leonardite.  It can be applied to all types of soil and crops, for soil reconditioning purpose and fertilizer uptake.

Item Standard
Humic acid (Dry basis) ≥30%
Moisture ≤30%
pH 4-6
Appearance Powder / Granule
Packaging In 20kg bag

Crops Recommended Application
    Rurf, grass     25-30 kg/100m2
    Cereal, beans, maize     350-500 kg/ha apply with NPK Fertilizer
    Citrus, apple and other fruits     1-2 kg per plant at 3 months interval
    Tuber, potato, sweet potato chili, tomato     10-20 kg/m2 as based and 1st application of fertilizer 10-20 kg/m2 as baser
    Field vegetables     The same as above
    Green house (tomato, cucumbers)     10-20 kg/m2 as based and 1st application of fertilizer


1. Promote aggregate structure, water and fertilizer retention.
2. Regulate the pH-value of soils.
3. Enhance the plant uptaking of fertilizer.

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