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Tropical crops

I. Tropical crops

A. Rubber

1. Nitrogen fertilizer should be avoided, and phosphorus and potassium fertilizer should be added, and organic fertilizer should be added in addition.

2. Set the windbreak and activities of frost shed, windbreak should be set to wind, every 5-10m set a high, according to 8m, the scope of protection set 5m; based on setting windbreak on with frost shed by film activities (The average daily temperature rising to more than 15 degrees centigrade can be lifted) frost damage, even if the frost occurred in succession, but also can reduce the loss of seedlings.

3. Smoked tobacco in the seedling field and increasing the temperature of the seedling field.

4. The average daily temperature should be greater than 15C。

II. Betel nut

1. The end of the fruiting tree picking areca should be timely fertilizing, ridging with lime water on stem cold white.

2. The young tree to do areca earth mulch, promote the germination of new roots, improve fertilizer absorption ability of water absorption, areca.

3. Burning dry cow dung in the areca garden to smoked tobacco and increasing the temperature.

III. Pepper

1. Application of organic fertilizer, potash fertilizer and foliar application of potassium dihydrogen phosphate, and covering the Nutritive soil on the head, improve their ability of cold resistance of pepper, reduce chilling injury.

2.  On the outlet of pepper, by burning with weeds, chaff, burn resistant trees, wood, and turf, burning smoke to keep warm (no fire).

3. When the pepper is frost, it should be defrosted with the underground water spray in time.

4. With shading net or plastic film around pepper garden to prevent cold air, it is better to use plastic film bag full set of pepper plants.

5. After the cold, timely pruning pepper victim vine and removal of litter, and 1% equivalent Bordeaux spray to prevent disease. Strengthen the management of water and fertilizer in the pepper garden, and make the pepper plant grow quickly. The plant shall promptly replant chilling injury death.

》》》To be continued

12. 18. 2017
Tropical crops