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Key points of cold prevention in planting industry(continued)

2. Mango

(1)Painting the trunk white with lime pulp or lime slurry and copper sulphate, , which can keep heat, prevent disease and prevent insects.

(2)Covereing the trunk with straw.

(3)Complete the whole garden irrigation, keep the soil moisture and reduce the frost damage of the fruit trees.

(4)Spraying potassium dihydrogen phosphate, humic acid or other plant cold-resister.

(5)Fruit bagging reduces fruit freezing.

(6)If the evening may appear frost weather, smoke in the orchard are evenly arranged artificial smoke insulation; in the next days one hours in the morning before sunrise,  spraying toward all frosted leaves washing cream or shake to shake off the plant frost, prevent freezing.

》》》To be continued

12. 15. 2017