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Key points of cold prevention in planting industry

Key points of cold prevention in planting industry

(a) Vegetables

1.  Timely organize the masses to use a net in the vegetable or cold barrier around the windward side, a height of 2 meters, to resist the cold and reduce abrasion, reduce the damage of vegetables.

2.  Covering straw, film or non-woven fabrics in vegetables, improve the surface temperature, soil pressure around, to heat, water and fertilizer conservation purposes.

3.  Spraying bliss spirit, cytokinin and other foliar fertilizer application or island, stop nitrogen fertilizer, improve vegetable plant resilience, reduce chilling injury.

4.  Charcoal burning and straw at the top of the vegetable downwind, improve vegetable temperature, reduce chilling injury.


1.  Banana

(1).  The addition of organic and potassium fertilizers can promote the accumulation of nutrients in the banana plant, regulate the osmotic pressure of the cells, and enhance the cold resistance of the plants.

(2).  Spraying potassium dihydrogen phosphate (0.1 - 0.3%), 2003 power plants in nutrient solution (0.1%), improving plant cold hardiness.

(3).  The new species of banana seedlings, seedlings can film bag cold, to increase the protection of banana seedlings in a straw bag before the frost.

(4).  With straw or plastic film bag in the banana three Ya mouth warm, seedlings were protected from the cold.

(5).  After October out of bud plants at low temperature before the double hole plastic film bag over ear or spikes, straining at the lower end of the bag opening when the temperature is low, temperature is high in the bag open, in order to ensure the normal growth of fruit from the cold.

(6).  Banana banana, especially around the head of using plastic film, straw covering soil surface, can reduce the ground radiation, improve soil temperature, increase the root activity.

(7).  Smoked tobacco in the banana garden can reduce the cold damage. Forecast the night cold afternoon, banana into high temperature Paomashui, can improve the soil temperature, root protection.

...To be continued

12. 14. 2017