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Come from Our staff's words

1. make people keep good faith, make fertilizer and weigh the quality.

2. grasping the quality education is the mother of promoting the quality of the product.

3. in the heart of the quality, the name of the famous brand in the hands of the responsibility the shoulder, the integrity of the words and deeds.

4. the quality wins the reputation, the reputation gains the benefit.

5. the quality is based on me, and I am proud of the quality.

6. quality embodies quality, quality determines quality, quality determines survival.

7. quality is our self esteem.

8. quality is the best guarantee to maintain customer loyalty. - Jack Welch

9. quality is the foundation for enterprise long-term survival, enterprise competition is golden.

10. quality is the basis of brand, quality is the embodiment of quality, quality is the guarantee of the market.

11. quality is a successful partner.

12. the quality is the politics, the quality is the life, the quality is the value.

13. to first-class management, to cultivate first-class team, to strive for first-class quality, to achieve first-class benefits.

14. with the first-class enterprise culture, to create the first-class product quality.

15. one hundred percent of the working attitude, only one hundred percent of the quality of the product.

16. only the spirit of dedication, there is high quality medicine.

17. the quality is not the test, but the production.

18. the quality of the benefit, the operation is the key; the work is done well, carefully is the scale.

19. conquer the people by quality and let the world know.

20. build up the backbone with good faith, and make the brilliance with the quality.

21. build evergreen brand with perfect quality.

22. forge the product with the true love, and build the quality with love.

23. high quality products are famous all over the world, poor quality products close home.

24. the quality is equal to the profit. Tom? Peters

25. good quality medicine for the people, particles into the situation.

26. seek survival by reputation and develop by quality.

27. sincerity is human based, innovation is the first and transcendence is transcendent.

28. the quality of the product is produced, not the test. - William Deming

29. quality is the accumulation of dedication, the efficiency is the quality of the crystallization.

30. design is the source of quality, and quality is the guarantee of success.

31. the market is the only standard for testing products.

32. the market is the only standard for testing quality.

33. quality first, production second.

34. the market is in sync with the world, and the quality and life coexist.

35. we regard human health as its duty, and quality first is the life.

36. the high quality of the personality, to create high quality products.

37. the quality of the famous brand, famous brand * quality bearing.

38. the quality is to do everything with the heart.

39. take science and technology as the motive force, and seek development by quality.

40. to win the market with good faith and to cast the brand by quality.

41. first-class staff make first-class products!

42. the quality of drugs is the most important weight in the consumer's heart.

43. behavior is the result of consciousness, and quality is the result of behavior.

44. although the number of stars, but can not climb the sun.  Hungarian proverb

45. the benefit is in my hand, the quality is in my heart.

46. the body because of health and beauty, product * quality and flash.

47. with the product with the product, with the quality brand.

48. honesty is a treasure, sincere quality, operation to standardize, careful accident less.

49. life looks at health and health comes from quality.

50. human - based, quality - based, Enterprise Building on the ground!

51. the operation procedure under the service of the upper process is responsible for the user, and the next procedure supervision is the control of the market.

52. the working procedure of the working procedure is responsible for the product; the next procedure supervises the working procedure for the quality control.

53. the quality of the product is the life of the enterprise, and the quality of the work is the post of the employee.

54. good faith is the premise of quality, and quality is the guarantee of honesty.

55. process control, excellence, one do well, the defect is zero.

56. the quality of the product is determined by the quality of the work, and the quality of the product determines the rise and fall of the enterprise.

57. high quality products come from high quality employees.

58. high quality is the hard truth!

59. the omission of one percent of the quality is the loss of one hundred percent of the patient.

60. the quality of the product is not 100 points or 0 points. - Konosuke Matsushita

61. good quality of good quality, good quality products.

62. qualified is not high quality, satisfied with the market

63. strengthen the quality dike and create a world famous brand.

64. the product determines the product, the quality determines the quality, the details determine the success or failure.

65. human life * the survival of the heart, the life of the enterprise * the quality of the eternal.

66. there is no poor quality in the world, and the cheap products can survive for a long time.

67. with good faith to move customers, by quality to win the heart.

68. I'd rather be less, but better, Lenin

69. you can prove it, more wonderful.

70. good things are not in quantity. Aesop

71. it takes a long process to change the quantitative change to the qualitative change, and the change of a qualitative change to a quantitative change takes only a small step.

72. the quality of the customer is the standard of our work.

73. there is no quality today, no sales tomorrow!

74. the good product rate is scheduled to be 85%, then it means that the tolerance of 15% is wrong.

75. everyone is a quality staff, the product batch quality is excellent.

76. the good faith plastic brand, the quality brand name brand

77. integrity for the world, quality to win the company.

78. the product is the money, the quality is life, can not ask for money.

79. products such as human quality, quality such as life.

80. the quality of the product is the best advertisement.

81. the leaders who do not attach importance to the quality of the products are laid down, and the workers who do not attach importance to the quality of the products are laid off.

82. non - quality employees, not qualified employees.

83. there will be no trouble free products, it is the quality of the consumer's heart.

84. the quality of the integration into the blood, with excellent achievements in the cause.

85. the quality of love, rest assured to the patient.

86. twentieth Century is the century of productivity, and twenty-first Century is the century of quality. - Joseph Juran

87. quality to create a world famous brand, quality care of human health

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