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More than 20 years of intensive R&D experience in Humic Acid and advanced own facility, has enabled
we being one of global humic acid market leaders..

The team can move farther and farther only by mutual trust

Like a man, a team should continue to grow and grow, and it is a life body. The basic condition for team improvement is continuous learning, reflection, communication, self-criticism, endurance and ability, and constantly finding out the culture of their own shortcomings in the team, which is the expression of team maturity and confidence. The team that can learn and reflect shows the deep understanding and persistence of the big goal, and also shows the tenacity of the process of achieving the goal, especially the ability to deal with difficulties and setbacks in the process and the spirit of struggle. In such a group, the communication speed is fast, the cost is low, the trust is many, the complaint is few; the team member thinks, speaks, hears, achieves highly unified.

12. 04. 2017