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Potassium fulvate

Pro.Name:Potassium fulvate
Appearance:Flake / Crystal / Powder
Packing20kg plastic woven bags
Specification:(See table below)
Potassium fulvate is a kind of mineral active potassium water-soluble fertilizer, a natural biostimulant, containing a variety of nutrients required by crops, and is an effective growth promotion and supplement fertilizer in the process of crop growth. It can promote the absorption of nutrients by crops, make the plants more vigorous, the leaves are darker green, and the fruits are more showy. Reduce the occurrence of various physiological diseases caused by deficiency of nutrients and improve crop stress resistance.

It is natural and organic, highly water-soluble, highly active, highly compatible, anti-flocculation, and easy to absorb. It is an ideal product or raw material for the production or compounding of various liquid fertilizers and water-soluble fertilizers, which improves the wide application of humic acid-containing fertilizers in drip irrigation and foliar spraying scenarios.

Item Standard
FA ≥40% ≥50% ≥55%
Humic acid (Dry basis) ≥50%
K2O (Dry basis) ≥12%
Moisture ≤15%
Solubility ≥99%
pH 8-10
Appearance Powder / Flake / Crystal
Color Shiny black

● Rich in a variety of small molecule active functional groups, is a natural biological stimulant hormone.
● Enhance the differentiation of crop cells, promote root growth, promote flower bud division.
● Improve crop quality, extend harvest period, increase production and improve quality.
● Activate nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, improve fertilizer utilization, reduce fertilizer use.
Bidirectional acid-base balance, improve crop rhizosphere environment.
● Improve cold resistance, drought resistance and disease resistance of crops, and enhance stress resistance.

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