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Amino humate shiny ball

Pro.Name:Amino humate shiny ball

Appearance:Black / Colored

Packing:20kg plastic woven bags

Specification:(See table below)


Compound organic and NPK fertilizer,  benefit  for the soil and plant, also known as  soil conditioner.

Items Standard
Organic matter ≥22%
N ≥12%
Moisture ≤3%
pH 3-4
Appearance granular
Color Black / Colored
Size 2-5mm

1.Could  be used  as  root  fertilizers  that  provide  organic  matters  and  nutrients  for  plants.
2. Support  plant  growth  and  enhance  root  growth.
3. Help  increase  quantity  and  quality  of  crops.
1. Soil  Reconditioning.
2. Stimulate  fertilizer  uptake  by  plant.

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