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Sodium humate

Pro.Name:Sodium humate

Appearance:Powder / Flake / Crystal

Packing:20kg plastic woven bags

Specification:(See table below)


Sodium Humate is a class of compounds made from organic matter that goes through the process of decomposition. Due to the various benefits, it is widely used in agriculture and industry.

Item Standard
Humic acid (Dry basis) ≥40% ≥50% ≥60% ≥65%
Solubility ≥80% ≥80% ≥95% ≥95%
Moisture ≤20%
pH 9-11
Appearance Powder / Flake / Crystal
Packaging In 20kg bag

· For Plant

Biological irritants

Enhance physiological metabolism ability
Enhance the activity of enzymes in the body
Water retention and drought resistance
Prevent fruit from being corroded
Soil amendment

· For Animal
Application promotes metabolism and accelerates growth and development
Improve meat quality and increase the production of meat, eggs, and milk
Enhance disease resistance
Antibacterial and deodorizing
Improving water, fertilizing water, adjusting water color, and using sediment amendments

· For Industry
Purifying water quality
Drilling mud treatment agent
Boiler anti scaling agent and water quality stabilizer
Briquette binder
Battery cathode plate as an expansion agent instead of carbon black
Ceramic additives
Cement water reducing agent
Pigment enhancer
Metal ore flotation agent

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