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Seaweed extract

Pro.Name:Seaweed extract

Appearance:Powder / Flake

Packing:20kg plastic woven bags

Specification:(See table below)


Seaweed is the main raw material for seaweed extract. The seaweed extract obtained through enzymatic hydrolysis contains abundant natural active substances such as seaweed polysaccharides, oligosaccharides, phenols, betaine, and mannitol, which can effectively promote crop rooting, green leaves, fruit growth, and stress resistance.

Item Standard
Alginic acid 16-18%
Organic matter 45-55%
Total nitrogen 1-3%
Phosphorus 1-5%
Potassium 8-18%
Total amino acid 2-8%
Solubility 100%
pH 8-11
Appearance Powder / Flake



• Rooting and nourishing roots, promoting growth: seaweed extract contains a variety of plant endogenous hormones, such as cytokinin, auxin, etc., which help promote root growth; At the same time, seaweed extract can also improve the root absorption of several elements, and transfer to the ground. Regulate the expression of related gene, nitrate transporter gene NRT1.1, so as to promote the absorption and transport of nitrogen by roots, and thus promote the uptake of nutrients by roots.

• Green leaves strengthen seedlings and promote photosynthesis: promote the increase of plant height, leaf number and leaf area of above-ground parts, increase chlorophyll content and promote photosynthesis.

• Beautiful fruit, flower and fruit preservation: seaweed extract can increase the content of cytokinin, and then induce the increase of the number of flowers and fruit setting rate of crops, promote fruit expansion, and induce early fruit ripening.

• Improve stress resistance and reduce stress damage: seaweed extract contains a variety of functional substances related to stress resistance, such as betaine, mannitol, proline, etc., which can enhance crop tolerance to stress; Under stress, seaweed extract can increase the content of soluble sugar and the activity of SOD enzyme, and reduce the damage of free radicals to cell membrane. Stress defense was induced, the activity of many enzymes and the content of phenolic substances were increased.

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