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Potassium humate

Pro.Name:Potassium humate

Appearance:Powder / Flake / Crystal

Packing:20kg plastic woven bags

Specification:(See table below)


POTASSIUM  HUMATE is a product that goes through high-tech production procedure and processing.It does not contain heavy metals and have low density. It can provide potassium for plant growth, promote the plant's stem stout, improve fruit quality and enhance the plant's ability of growing well during winter.

Item Standard
Humic acid (Dry basis) ≥50% ≥55% ≥60% ≥65%
K2O 2%, 4%, 6%, 8%, 10%, 12%
Solubility ≥95%
Moisture ≤20%
pH 9-11
Appearance Powder / Flake / Crystal
Packaging In 20kg bag


Crops Application
All crops
8-10 kg/ha
Cereal & Beans crops
3-4 kg/application x 2-3 times
Citrus, apple, Strawberry and other fruits
2-3 kg/ha
2-3 kg/ha
Field Vegetables
2-3 kg /application x 4 times
Green House (tomato, cucumbers, Peppers etc.)
3-4 kg /application x 4 times


1. Soil Reconditioning.
2. Increase fertilizer utilization.
3. Increase fruits size and improve quality.
4. Constantly provide potassium.
5. Increase yield.

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