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The theory of humic acid in the new period

The chemical fertilizer is the main fertilizer for the farm, and the hurt brought by chemical fertilizer is also a fact. “no matter how the chemical fertilizer, good or bad’’, get rid of "the two factors without solution" is a must for us. There is no problem when it comes to the chemical fertilizer- self(surely, excluding production and consumption reduction factors etc.)and it’s also a necessary for it to have a scientific application. It’s more reasonable to define the chemical as a “nitrogen materials”. While the chemical fertilizer against the soil, where there is no soil and there is no chemical fertilizer, and while the soil against the chemical fertilizer, no nitrogen and no growth. The chemical fertilizer is the plant’s biggest supplier of nitrogen; And the humic acid is the biggest stock of carbonate for the soil, and it’s also a ”Gold standard” to judge the soil fertility. “Let humic acid return to its most primitive place” which also is our subjective efforts.

The "Two Organic Theory" of "Organic - inorganic nutrition supply theory" and "Humic acid organic - inorganic nutrition supply theory" is the "Gospel" to guide the sustainable development of agriculture and world agriculture in China. Developing climate agriculture and reconstructing "Two Organic" by putting into large quantities black humic acid and humic acid of low carbon fertilizer, which will benefit both current and future generations. 

04. 04. 2018